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Tranquil Designs' signature Skull Season is August - November. The October "Nightmares" Collection will go live on Sunday, October 25 at 1pm EST! For further information, follow us on Instagram @tranquilgoddess or keep checking here for updates.

Helpful tips when shopping during a scheduled update

Hello Skull Lovers, here is a few helpful tips if you’re looking to snag a particular piece during a scheduled shop update:


  • Get onto my website and be on the 'Shop' page at least 5 mins prior to items going live. Click ‘refresh’ at 1PST. Note: all updates happen at 1PST.

  • Be fast! Have payment info ready or set up PayPal OneTouch prior! 

  • If you’re planning on purchasing more than 1 item... do NOT leave an item in your cart! There is a HIGH possibility it could be stolen from your cart when you go back to shop. Purchase one at a time (within the first 15 mins) I’ll refund any extra shipping charges.

  • I’ll be available for live chatting before and during the first 30 mins of the shop update, just use the chat box on my site, I’m here to help! 


If your question has not been answered please fill out the contact form or send an email to

You will receive a response within 24-48 hours unless the answer is stated above.

This page has been created for both your and Tranquil Designs' convenience.

Responding to questions that are clearly answered above takes time away from creating, so please familiarize yourself with everything stated above.

Thank You!

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